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Don't waste time on other websites where they promise ease and deliver an overwhelming 100 plans that require you to compare.

  • Starts with all plans available in your county directly with carriers, and on government sites: Pennie,  GetCoveredNJ, MarylandHealth,, Medicaid, and Medicare, etc.
  • Calculates your income to prioritize programs (Medicaid, CHIP, ACA) that are the most cost effective.
  • Removes plans that don't cover your doctors, plans that have higher medication costs, and those that don't fit how you actually plan to use your insurance.

SnapHealth removes the guesswork and uses your information to recommend plans custom to you.

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We're here to help millions across the United States protect their clients, families & loved ones by helping them find high quality health care they can afford

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Purchasing health insurance shouldn’t be complicated. SnapHealth's coverage calculator helps for find your best options.

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Brokers, FAs, Insurers, Doctors, and CPAs... SnapHealth serves the people & communities you care about. Let’s take the headache out of health care together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SnapHealth benefit corporation dual mandate?

Companies are either For-Profit, Non-Profit, or Benefit. SnapHealth is filed in the state of Pennsylvania legally as a Benefit Corp. Unlike traditional For-Profit companies, whose SOLE purpose is to earn revenue for their shareholders, Benefit companies are required to meet a DUAL mandate. For SnapHealth we must balance both business and public interests (our public benefit is improving human health at its core.) This is important because we have a legal fiduciary duty to do what is equally in the best interest of our stakeholders, clients, employees, and the community we are in.

Why use SnapHealth or Pennie?

When buying health insurance from ANYONE, ask yourself two questions: 1. Are there limits on the plans available? 2. Are their recommendations biased? Depending on your age, income, and employer status, your health insurance recommendations change and some systems don't have all the options. SnapHealth fixes all of that. Our team is Pennie Certified, certified, works with over 50 insurance companies, is connected to the Department of Health for Medicaid, and is Medicare certified. There is no wrong door. And, as a benefit company, we only recommend what is best for you.