Together we’ll change what’s possible in healthcare.

At SnapHealth we focus on filling your offering gaps and being an extension to your organizations white glove approach to serving clients.

Help is here. SnapHealth is the quote to enroll solution for individuals & families.

SnapHealth's proprietary algorithm was built off of over 1,000 personal client experiences and ten years of our brick and mortar serving individuals.

The system starts with all solutions available in a zip code and through a self guided process, makes three personalized plan recommendations.

Prioritize what matter's most for your business.

We pride ourselves in getting individuals and families the right advice, and instill confidence in our partners so you can get back to the many other tasks on your plate.

You can either refer clients to directly, or register your license below and get a personalized URL to track referrals.

SnapHealth's Marketing: Let us help you!

SnapHealth has the resources you need for when you need them. Our tool kit includes:

Social Media Templates
Partner Email Templates
Waiting Room Flyers
Newsletter Blurbs
Talking Points

We Support

Insurance professionals of all shapes and sizes.

Group Brokers
Medicare Brokers
Out of State Brokers

Business professionals across the region and beyond.

Financial Advisors & TPAs
CPAs/Tax Preparers
HR Consultants

Healthcare professionals across the industry.

Social Workers
Case Managers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SnapHealth benefit corporation dual mandate?

Companies are either For-Profit, Non-Profit, or Benefit. SnapHealth is filed in the state of Pennsylvania legally as a Benefit Corp. Unlike traditional For-Profit companies, whose SOLE purpose is to earn revenue for their shareholders, Benefit companies are required to meet a DUAL mandate. For SnapHealth we must balance both business and public interests (our public benefit is improving human health at its core.) This is important because we have a legal fiduciary duty to do what is equally in the best interest of our stakeholders, clients, employees, and the community we are in.

Why use SnapHealth or Pennie?

When buying health insurance from ANYONE, ask yourself two questions: 1. Are there limits on the plans available? 2. Are their recommendations biased? Depending on your age, income, and employer status, your health insurance recommendations change and some systems don't have all the options. SnapHealth fixes all of that. Our team is Pennie Certified, certified, works with over 50 insurance companies, is connected to the Department of Health for Medicaid, and is Medicare certified. There is no wrong door. And, as a benefit company, we only recommend what is best for you.